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Sports Handicapping

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Daily picks: I utilize approximately 25 systems to assist in daily picks.  Most have a greater than 60% success rate.  As you know there are good and bad days.  Keep the focus on long term success.  Picks are found in a daily post.  Good luck!

Online Wagering product reviews

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The next product review is online wagering sites. With advances in technology and a poor economy, many choose to place wagers online rather than traveling to a casino or track. I researched two such sites and will give you the pros and cons. Both are user friendly and have casino, sports, poker and racebook wagering.

Betonline pros are earlier morning lines, more live bets, and live bets are open for wagering except during timeouts and late in the game. Cons are more difficult deposits as the site rejects more credit cards. Another con is live customer service. They seem to prioritize those with heavy wagers and not the common man. Live customer service has a tendency to respond to questions with "be with you soon" multiple times prior to addressing the problem. Emailing customer service provides a prompt, more courteous response with more detail. They also have a lifetime bonus system that is a pro and a con. The pro is 25% match of deposits; however, if you do future wagering your balance at the time of deposit plus your pending wagers cannot exceed more than twice your average wager.

Brovada pros are easy deposits, fast response for winning wagers, and clear rules. Their bonus system is a 50% bonus for initial deposit for sports and up to eight 100% deposit match for casino wagering. The cons are delayed morning line odds, less live bets, lack of lifetime bonus, and live betting is only available with stoppage of play. They also provide accurate payouts.

Both are outstanding sites and you cannot go wrong with either. The choice is yours.

Combo Kits

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p-00938618000P The first of my product reviews is the Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt 4-Piece Lithium Combo Kit. One of my hobbies is making chalkboards. Large saws tend to spinter the wood used for this type of project. I was pleased with the ease of use of each item in the kit; however, two items stood out. The charger is not only easy to use, but provides rapid charging. The two batteries included allows use of two items without changing batteries. The other item rated as exceptional was the small circular saw. It was not only easy to use, but provided precise cuts with minimal splintering. The saw is very lightweight and is perfect for my small wordworking projects. I would highly recommend this product!